History of the House

Corner of West Wayne and Fulton Street

The house at 604 West Wayne Street was built by Charles F. Muhler. He was born in Fort Wayne on April 21, 1841, a year after his parents (Charles M. Muhler and Anne M. Stark) moved to Fort Wayne. Mr. Muhler was married, May 15, 1866 to Mary A. Trentman, daughter of the well-known Bernard Trentman, a large wholesale grocer. They had four children and finished building the house on West Wayne in 1875. He was the mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana from 1885 to 1889.
Charles M. Niezer family purchased the house in 1926, and later Doctor N. L. Salon and his son Doctor Joel Salon purchased the house and used it as their offices until around 1990. Matthew Kelly established Kelly Advertising in 1983 and purchased the house for the offices of Kelly Advertising in 1996.